Cancer Screening

Cancer screening services available include Pap test, clinical breast examination and instruction for performing breast self exams. Mammography screening, based on a sliding income scale is available for women 40 to 64 years of age. General cancer information is also available.

Kentucky Women’s
Cancer Screening

Public health has a unique opportunity to educate women on the benefits of early detection of breast and cervical cancer with self-breast examination, clinical breast examination, screening mammograms and pelvic examination with Pap Test screening. Early detection of breast and cervical cancer with a corresponding decrease in mortality is dependent on periodic rescreening.

A woman may be eligible for low cost breast and cervical cancer screening through the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program (KWCSP) if she meets the following requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older, AND
  • Household income less than 250% of the current annual federal poverty guideline, AND
  • Uninsured (no Medicare, no Medicaid and no private health insurance).


Ages 40-49: 
Women in this age group may choose to begin getting mammograms every two years.

Ages 50-74: 
Screening mammograms every other year should begin by age 50.

Note: Women with certain risk factors should consider getting mammogram screening at an earlier age and more frequently. Ask your healthcare provider when the best time is for you to begin and maintain regular screenings.