Preventive Health

When you think of the Oldham County Health Department (OCHD), immunizations and school physicals may come to mind. We do offer these services, but we do so much more! For example, did you know that we also regularly inspect the restaurant where you had dinner last week, your child’s school cafeteria, and the swimming pool that your child swam in all summer? Our purpose is to offer all residents of Oldham County preventive health services, many of which are mandated or regulated by the state and federal government.

Public health programs exist to protect your health and the health of the greater community. Some of the OCHD’s services are available at our health clinic, but many programs are provided in your neighborhood: in your schools, hotels, businesses, and in your home.

In the OCHD Clinic, we offer:

  • School health physicals to meet school enrollment requirements and well-child exams to keep kids healthy
  • Vaccines for children and adults to prevent diseases such as measles, polio, pertussis (whooping cough) and the flu
  • Dental varnishes and education to prevent tooth decay in young children
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program for pregnant women and their children to purchase healthy food
  • Prenatal care (when qualified) to ensure healthy babies
  • Family Planning which includes all methods of birth control for women and men
  • Screening and education about cancer including pap smears and mammograms for qualified women
  • Education and testing for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Investigation and surveillance of reportable disease outbreaks

In your schools, we:

  • Inspect all school cafeterias to ensure compliance with the KY Food Code
  • Collaborate to develop policies for improved nutrition and decreased tobacco use
  • Support alcohol-, tobacco- and drug-free schools
  • Partner to develop and support the school district’s Wellness Goals
  • Support and monitor school Immunization Compliance to prevent contagious disease per state law and the Department of Public Health
  • Provide education and training to ensure licensed child care centers are healthy and safe

In your home, we offer:

  • Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS), a home visitation program to support/educate first time mothers and fathers about child development, starting at pregnancy
  • Education and studies to prevent childhood deaths such as SIDS and accidents
  • Education concerning radon and radon test kits
  • Inspections of new and existing septic systems and mobile home parks
  • Treatment for animal bites and rabies investigation

In your neighborhood, we provide:

  • Inspections of restaurants and markets for safety and cleanliness in accordance with KY Food Code
  • Inspections of public swimming pools for safety and cleanliness
  • Enforcement of the Oldham County ‘Smoke Free’ Ordinance, by consumer complaint
  • Community Health Education at various venues about breastfeeding, diabetes, HIV prevention, quitting smoking and many other topics
  • Mitigation to control nuisances like sewage discharge and mosquito infestations
  • Assistance, oversight and enforcement during disasters such as ice storms, floods and disease outbreaks

In your county and beyond, we are:

  • Watching numbers to see if health is changing in our community
  • Bringing groups together to deal with health issues such as obesity and to look at the future health needs of our community such as nutritional education
  • Reporting health information to the Department of Public Health, the community and the media, as needed

We are open and here to serve all residents of Oldham County! Most of OCHD’s services are provided at no cost or on an economical sliding-fee scale. That means that you are charged a fee based on your income. Fees are based on state and federal guidelines. You will not be denied services if you are unable to pay. Free OCHD classes are open to everyone.

You can visit us Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30-4:30, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-6:00. We are located at 1786 Commerce Parkway, LaGrange, KY 40031 or you can contact us by phone at 502-222-3516. Don’t forget to walk or bike beautiful Commerce Parkway.