More than 80 YEARS
protecting the health of our community.

About OCHD

When you think of the Oldham County Health Department (OCHD), immunizations and school physicals may come to mind. We do offer these services, but we do so much more! For example, did you know that we also regularly inspect the restaurant where you had dinner last week, your child’s school cafeteria, and the swimming pool that your child swam in all summer? Our purpose is to offer all residents of Oldham County preventive health services, many of which are mandated or regulated by the state and federal government.


Public health programs exist to protect your health and the health of the greater community. Some of the OCHD’s services are available at our health clinic, but many programs are provided in your neighborhood: in your schools, hotels, businesses, and in your home.

OCHD Mission

Oldham County Health Department protects and promotes a healthy community through education, enforcement and empowerment. In order to realize this mission, it is necessary that we control communicable disease, reduce hazards in the environment, provide preventive screenings and encourage healthy lifestyles.



First Board of Health Meeting to appoint a health officer to the newly established health department.

Polio cases were rising and Oldham County Health Department enforced restrictions for children to gather in public places


1980s - 1990s

Mumps outbreak and the Oldham County Health Department took action to assure the community had resources to be vaccinated against mumps.

Flood occurred and the Oldham County Health Department had to take action to ensure the safety of it’s community.



COVID-19 Pandemic occurred and the Oldham County Health Department rolled out business and community safety measurements, mass vaccination sites, isolation guidance and contract tracing. 



Board of Health

Meet the dedicated people who help guide us on our mission.

A Message From
Our Director.

“The Oldham County Health Department (OCHD) is your health department. Foundational and core public health services are delivered primarily through 4 Divisions: Maternal Child Health, Clinical, Environmental, & Community Wellness. All other services including human resources, & personnel services are delivered through the Division of Administrative Services.

OCHD works daily to be a trusted and credible community partner for public health; using science and data to make evidence-based decisions to positively impact health outcomes. Our vision speaks directly to our culture: healthy people…strong community. OCHD works to ensure a community collaborative where data and evidence are utilized in an applied process to improve population health. This collaborative work is formally noted through our Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the resulting Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This multi-sector collaboration invites the entire community to provide input on how we can all improve the health of our community.”

- Matt Rhodes, MPH, R.S.