Care about the health and safety of Oldham County? Check out the Coalition for a Healthy Oldham website.

Health Education and Promotion Services

The Health Education Office works to improve the health of the residents of Oldham County by providing individuals, groups and communities with the tools to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Wellness is defined by promoting or maintaining good health rather than the correction of poor health. The Health Education staff actively works with the community in sustaining the Coalition for a Healthy Oldham, which supports our Health Department’s Vision: Healthy People… Strong Community.


A variety of health presentations can be requested by your school, worksite or community agency from the Health Education office at 502-222-3516. Topics include, but are not limited to: tobacco, hand washing, nutrition, sun safety, physical activity, abstinence, STD/STI, cancer prevention, diabetes, radon, dental health and cardiovascular disease.


Residents are encouraged to take advantage of classes related to their health. Community classes include Diabetes Self-Management, Smoking Cessation, Breastfeeding Classes, and Nutrition/Healthy Cooking Demonstrations.