Every parent needs a second pair of HANDS

Expectant parents & parents with infants under 3 months, enroll today.

Enrollment is open to all eligible parents who are expecting or prior to their infant being 90 days old!


Oldham County HANDS Program

What to Expect

HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services) is a FREE service that provides support and resources to all eligible parents of children under 3 years of age (prior to 90 days old)

Healthy Pregnancy

Child Development

Bonding with Baby

Care for Baby

Safe & Healthy Home

Enriching Learning

Deal with Stress

The HANDS program also offers incentives and gifts such as gift cards, blankets, diapers, and books when families actively participate in the program. You can earn up to $85 in gift cards within the first 3 months of participating in HANDS.

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Support for you and your growing family.

Who Can Enroll?

The HANDS Program provides services to enrolled families from their prenatal days to the time their child is 3 years old. Enrollment must be completed prior to the baby being 90 days old. 


HANDS is a voluntary home visitation program for moms, dads and families. HANDS answers question and provides parents with support in developing a parent-child relationship at no cost to the family. 

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you are preparing to have another child, you may be feeling overwhelmed with worry, stress and have many questions. HANDS is available in all 120 Kentucky counties for parents expecting a new baby.

At no cost to families, HANDS is available for parents who are expecting a new baby and may have worries or concerns about the upcoming challenges of parenthood. If you feel overwhelmed or overburdened, join HANDS today!

Parents may enroll from pregnancy and prior to their infant being 90 days old.  Once enrolled, the program assists parents until their child is 3 years old. 

HANDS services must begin during pregnancy or any time before your child is 3 months old (prior to 90 days old). Unfortunately, we are unable to enroll families once their baby reaches 3 months of age, so don’t delay! Contact HANDS today! Families can continue in the program until their child’s third birthday.

Families will engage in fun activies, right in their home, to learn more about: 

  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Caring for their baby
  • How to bond with their child
  • How to provide their child with enriching learning experiences
  • Creating a safe and healthy home
  • Child development
  • Dealing with stress

Families who participated in HANDS (compared to families who did not participate) experienced: 

  • Fewer premature infants
  • Fewer low birth weight babies (<5 lbs, 9 oz) 
  • Fewer very low birth weight babeis (<3 lbs, 5 oz) 
  • Fewer developmental delays 

Studies have shown that families who participate in HANDS in the first trimester of pregnancy experience even fewer incidents of the above. 

Parents also reported improvements in their: 

  • Home’s safety
  • Support system
  • Discipline techniques
  • Anger management skills
  • Coping skills 
  • Amount of stress
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