The first five years of life are very important for your child...

At what age should my child sit up? Hold onto a toy? Say their first words? Parents naturally have questions about how their child is learning, behaving or developing. The foundation of learning is built in the period between birth and kindergarten; in fact, 90% of brain development happens before age six. From birth, children who have regular doctor and dental check-ups attend high quality child care, are read to and engaged every day are better prepared for school.

Monitor your child's development...

By doing fun and simple activities together, the Ages & Stages Questionnaires make it easy for you to understand how your child is learning and developing. It is a FREE, confidential and interactive way to show your child's strengths and provides activities to help them as they continue to learn. If your child needs assistance in a particular area, you'll receive information about resources and support to help.

You are your child's first and most important teacher!

You are the key to their success! Make time each day to connect, talk and play with your child. Children who feel cared for and loved develop stronger social-emotional skills like confidence and self-esteem. This makes it easier for them to manage their emotions so they can do better in school and beyond.

Parenting: not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it!

Parenting is part natural and part learned. As your child grows, they will reach new milestones and each stage will bring new ways to connect. When parents and caregivers learn to recognize the feelings behind their children's behaviors, parenting is easier. Stay in tune to your child's feelings as they grow and complete regular developmental check-ups.

Making plans: that's what we're here for!

Working with our developmental screening team is easy and fun. Members of the team can help you complete the ASQ in person or online. We love meeting new people and helping families grow! Understanding your child's development brings you closer, and helps parents teach their child the social-emotional skills they need to learn and grow.

Ready to take the next step?

To find out what your child should be doing at each developmental stage, enroll in the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) developmental screener! Just by answering a few questions, you will be able to monitor your child's development from two months to five and a half years - the most crucial years to get your child ready to succeed in school and in life!


Contact the Oldham County Health Department to schedule your child's in person assessment today! Work one on one or attend a group screening session with trained assessment team members to learn valuable tools for your child's success.

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