Interested in a schedule for our upcoming diabetes courses? Contact Lisa Arvin, RD, LD for more information!

The Oldham County Health Department and Baptist Health LaGrange are partnering to offer DPP which stands for Diabetes Prevention Program. The program will be led by Carry Doyle, MSN, RN, CDE of Baptist Health LaGrange. The Oldham County Health Department will host the year-long program. The program will begin with 16 weekly sessions, then participants will follow with 16 biweekly sessions, 3-4 monthly sessions after that.
To be eligible to participate:
• Be 18 years old
• Be overweight
• Have a blood test result in the pre-diabetes range within the past -year

•Have no previous diagnosis of diabetes
• Being previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes and no previous diagnosis of diabetes, automatically qualifies.

Classes will begin April 8 and be held Monday nights from 6-7 pm. State
employees with state insurance are covered at 100% while those paying out of pocket can expect a cost of $350 for the year. All participants must pre-register with Carry Doyle. Those interested can reach Carry at 502-222-3344.

Anyone who is a member of Anthem KEHP may attend this program at no cost.

Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Visits are scheduled by appointment.
  • Initial appointment may last up to an hour
  • Variety of health conditions can be discussed based on patient need
  • A diet history and assessment are done before an individual meal plan is created
  • Services are either sliding scale or paid for by insurance (Humana, Anthem, Passport, Medicaid, Medicare)

Individual Visits with a Registered Nurse for Diabetes Education

  • Visits are scheduled by appointment
  • A registered nurse will counsel patients on a variety of topics related to diabetes including but not limited to:
  1. foot care
  2. dental care
  3. long term complications
  4. yearly schedule of tests needed for diabetes management
  5. review of lab values
  6. monitoring & management of blood sugar
  • Periodic food exam