The Oldham County Health Department encourages groups to work together to promote health and well being for all community residents. The OCHD Community Engagement Center was built in 2013 to assist like-minded organizations in their efforts to convene, exchange ideas and promote healthy lifestyles.

For use of the Community Engagement Center please call OCHD Administrative Services for availability and Facility Use Agreement


  1. A Party using the space shall provide OCHD a copy of current Liability Insurance coverage.
  2. OCHD cannot allow any personal parties, showers, receptions or meetings of any sort to be scheduled in the Multi-Purpose or Kitchen space. All meetings or activity must meet appropriate criteria for use as designed by the agency director. OCHD, by state law is not permitted to offer a continuous lease of space owned by Oldham County Health Department.
  3. OCHD departmental requests for meeting and activity space will have priority according to agency mission and responsibilities. Internal departmental requests of use will require a minimum of a two (2) week notice of use and purpose to the agency director or designee.
  4. An outside organization may not utilize the facilities in excess of two (2) times in one month without written approval from the agency director.
  5. Emergency preparedness training or response will have priority over all scheduled functions. OCHD will notify scheduled organizations commensurate to required level of local agency responsibility to respond in a local emergency or disaster.
  6. Meetings scheduled after 4:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday or meetings scheduled after

6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays or Thursday or on the weekends will require agency Director’s approval and may result in a FEE associated for required OCHD staff time and travel to secure building.


  1. The Fire Marshall will NOT ALLOW FRYING of any foods in the kitchen. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in loss of future permitted use.
  2. Parties shall comply with Fire Marshall maximum capacity standards posted in each room.
  3. Smoking, alcohol possession and/or consumption, and drug possession and/or consumption are not permitted at or upon the premises.
  4. No firearms are permitted on OCHD property or premises.
  5. Banners, signs and/or decorations shall NOT be permitted on the outside of the building, on interior walls, ceilings, floors or doors. Easels can be provided.
  6. Tables and chairs should be returned to their original locations and any damage incurred to be communicated to agency Director.
  7. Cooking or serving equipment brought in by second party must be removed from the premises.
  8. All TRASH from the scheduled event is to be bagged, secured and taken to the dumpster located on the Canopy side of the facility.
  9. The Parties agree to enforce all regulations governing the use of the premises and in the “Checklist” for axillary equipment such as TV’s, Remotes, Projector, & Projector Screen.
  10. The Parties must agree to assure proper clean-up after completion of activities on the premises.  Kitchen counters, tables, and chairs must be wiped clean.  All food, trash, table coverings and other debris must be removed from the center and properly disposed of by the user. 
  11. OCHD reserves the right to limit the number of times the center is used by any one person, group, or organization.
  12. The Parties agree to release, hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Oldham County Health Department and any and all its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims or liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property that may be sustained or alleged by reason of the occupancy of the premises and appurtenances thereto under this agreement.
  13. The Party shall not damage or deface said premises and shall not permit the premises to be used in any unfitting manner.  Furthermore, the Party shall be responsible for all damage to the premises caused by them or by persons entering the premises during the time the premises are being occupied by the Party under this agreement.  In addition, the Party assumes full responsibility for the character, acts, conduct and consequences thereof for all persons entering upon or into the premises during the period set forth in this agreement.
  14. SCHEDULE OF FEES.  No fee shall be associated for internal organization use. Non-profit or outside organization use may be responsible for fees as determined by the agency Director regarding time and travel related to secure the facility after normal business hours.