The state of Kentucky has a unique place in public health history with the idea of frontier nursing. Nurses would go by horse back in the mountains of Kentucky to help stop the spread of disease and offer education on basic sanitation.

The Oldham County Health Department does not have record of frontier nursing, but you can click here to read minutes from the first Board of Health Meeting in 1942 to appoint a health officer to the newly established health department.

With over 68 years of services we have been protecting and promoting the communities health and safety in different ways. When two cases of Polio came into Oldham County (July 1944), the Oldham County Health Department forbid children to gather in public places including Sunday School, moving pictures, fairs and the streets.  Click here to read the original document.

From the mumps outbreak in 1987, the flood of 1997, to the recent H1N1, the Oldham County Health Department has been giving immunizations to fight preventable disease.  We give the best shots! Click here to see the mumps news article and here for H1N1 publication.

Be part of history and join us by serving on a community coalition or volunteering for the Medical Reserve Corps. We believe healthy people make a strong community.

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