Food Services

To view health inspection scores for all Oldham County restaurants, click the image below. For information on the most up to date follow-up scores, please contact the Oldham County Health Department at 502-222-3516.

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  • Food Certification
    • Food Managers or the Person in Charge (PIC) are required to obtain a food managers certificate.  To receive a certificate Food Managers or the PIC are required to attend a class and receive a passing grade on an accredited proficiency test.
    • Follow this link for more information about a Manager Certification Course offered by Louisville Metro Health and Wellness:
  • Retail Food Market
    • Retail food stores include fixed or mobile establishments where food or food products, are offered for sale to the consumer, and intended for off-premises consumption. Retail food store inspections insure foods are obtained from legal and safe sources and are stored and handled in a sanitary manner that protects them from adulteration. Areas of focus during an inspection include such items as: checking hot and cold storage unit temperatures; verification of product sources such as shellfish tags; checking use-by and sell-by dates on certain products; food protection from toxic items and chemical spills; and validation of product recalls.
  • Temporary Food Service
    • Foods may be prepared and served in conjunction with temporary gatherings or events such as fairs and festivals. Food items and methods of preparation may be restricted during these events. All temporary food vendors must obtain a permit from the local health department prior to commencing operations. These permits are valid, if the establishment complies with regulations, for up to 14 days at one location.  Temporary permit fees are based on the number of days of operation.
      • For 1-3 day permits : $50
      • For 4-7 day permits: $75
      • For 8-14 day permits: $100

 For more information and temporary permit applications, please contact your local county health department at 502-222-3516.

  • Statewide Mobile Food Units
    • A statewide mobile food unit is basically a food establishment on wheels that has met specific plumbing and fixture requirements.   These establishments pay an annual permit fee and are allowed to operate statewide. Operation at any location is limited to 14 days. Persons wishing to operate as a state-wide mobile facility should contact the local health department for more detailed information on the application and permitting process.
  • Farmer’s Market