HANDS is a free and voluntary home visiting program available to pregnant women and parents of newborns less than 3 months of age. HANDS staff, which consists of registered nurses, social workers and paraprofessionals, visit families on a regular basis and provide information on topics such as how to make the home safe for the child, how to care for the child, and how to measure the child’s development.

The HANDS staff also provides activities for parents and children to do together to stimulate brain development. HANDS can refer parents to other community resources. Another aspect of HANDS is providing encouragement. Raising a young child can be stressful for all parents, and HANDS staff are available to provide support and reassurance for families.

In Oldham County, HANDS services are available for families from before birth through age 2. Families must enroll in HANDS before the child reaches 12 weeks of age. HANDS services from before birth to age 2 are available throughout Kentucky.

The Oldham County Health Department staff provide HANDS services.

Parents have reported improvements in their: Home Safety, Coping Skills, Support System, Amount of Stress, and Discipline Techniques.

For more information on the HANDS program in Oldham County or to enrolling, please call Diane at (502) 222-3516 x148. http://www.kyhands.com/

Watch this short video: HANDS Looks Forward to Meeting You and Your Baby!

Comments from HANDS Families include-

“Our HANDS experience has been amazing. It’s been very helpful and educational. You get to learn new things every week. Our HANDS person has been very supportive whenever we’ve had rough times. It’s definitely worth it if you decide to be part of the program.”         Allie and Mike



HANDS services at OCHD